Monday, December 13, 2010



As ballet dancer's we strive to achieve the best physique and the best lines. We will do anything to achieve that, but do we go too far and push our bodies to limits which become dangerous!?

Ballet is no doubt a very extreme form of movement for the body and it is said that ballet is ranked higher then contact sports (like football and hockey) for injury occurrence. We get used to dancing on injuries and suffering through the pain. In many cases, dancers feel pressurised to continue on dancing when clearly they are at risk of further damaging their bodies just so they can keep their jobs! I wonder if this problem is as bad in some areas of sport.

These haunting images of some Russian ballet dancers and gymnastics is sadly reality. I have to say as a former ballet dancer I love to see a thin athletic and flexible dancer...I love to see the muscles ripple and the amble thin body create exaggerated lines but looking at these photos you can't help but this really healthy for the body!
We are all different and have very dfferent bodies. Some dancers find it easy for their bodies, where some find it more difficult but the same is asked of us whether we can do it or not. Do we sacrifice too much to get the best dancer's physique? Do we only think of the now and not of the consequences that we are building up for the future. I most certainly did, I sacrificed a lot when I was dancing professionally, dancing on injuries when I should have stopped and pushing my body to the limits and now four years out of the dance world I still have pain from my dance injuries! The crazy thing is I would not change what I that the thing, do we do anything to achieve our goal because it's our dream!!?? What do you think, would love to hear your views....

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m-c said...

great article! Similar to my most recent one!
The pictures are,.... extreme!